Welcome back to another exciting school year!

The OBEY team is excited to welcome back new and returning students to OBEY.  Please check out the “Programming” tab on the website to see regular updates and photos about the projects and learning happening in OBEY!

Spring into Summer Raffle

OBEY has started their primary fundraiser for this school year – the Spring into Summer Raffle.  Tickets are available from any OBEY family, board member, or directly from the OBEY classrooms.  $2 per ticket.  Thank you to all who supported OBEY in donating prizes to the raffle, and for your purchase of the raffle tickets!

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 7.17.23 PM.png

2018-2019 Registration

Hello Everyone!

Registration forms will be available for the school year 18-19 on Wed, Jan. 31.  Registration forms will be accepted starting Feb. 1, 2018.  There is also a separate form for additional care requests.

Each family will have the same care that they are currently registered for.  You may apply to increase your care.  Reminder, having a part time spot does not entitle your family to a full time spot should one become available.  The wait list for full time spots is extensive and the OBEY Board will oversee how each spot is offered to ensure that the wait list and priority policies are followed.  For detailed information about the process, please visit the “Registration” tab.

Registration and additional care forms will be accepted until Feb. 23, 2018.  Following that date, in order of the wait list, current families will be offered any available spots.  My goal is to finish this process by mid-March so families that unfortunately do not receive their choice of care have time to make alternate arrangements.

If you know that you will not be using your current spot for 18-19, please let me know as soon as possible, by email or in handwriting.

Thank you!

Leanne Derlago

OBEY Director

Fundraising Success

We would like to extend a huge “Thank You” to all of our OBEY families who supported our fall fundraisers.  With your hard work and support, we raised $1080 on Bothwell Cheese sales, and $1770 on the Tiber River sales.

All of your hard work on these two fundraisers will immediately benefit our OBEY students as the funds have been allocated towards classroom art supplies and projects, books, toys, and games.

Great work everyone, and thank you for your continued support.