Board of Directors

Role of the Board

Board members are those individuals who have stepped forward to give their skills, interests and talents to our centre. The families and community served by our centre require the board to maintain a level of commitment to the governance of the centre.

Board members should be committed to fulfilling the needs of the people the agency serves. The success of the agency is measured in the quality and quantity of service that is delivered.

Board members must ensure the financial stability of the organization by the raising of monies through fund-raising, personal gifts, government assistance or other funding organizations and by being a responsible manager of these funds. Each board member helps assure the financial integrity of the centre.

Board members provide resources to the agency through his or her talents, special skills and interests and by encouraging others to support the agency.

A board member should be willing to commit time and energy to the centre. Preparation time is required so each member can participate fully and intelligently in board and committee meetings.

2021 Board of Directors

Dan Cowan

Vice Chairperson:
Jody Torchia

Andrea Kailer

Lindy Naturkach

Christin Graydon

Members at Large:
Erica Thiessen
Kelsey Smiley