About Us

The Oak Bluff Early Years (OBEY) is a non-profit, government licensed facility.  We are located in the town of Oak Bluff, and share space inside Oak Bluff Community School.

OBEY creates an environment where children are encouraged to develop their social behaviour and self-esteem while acquainting themselves with others.  The OBEY program offers a balanced blend of structured learning and play, in a safe and caring environment, where children are able to develop their skills.

OBEY offers preschool programming for ages 3 to 5 and before and after school care for school-aged children.

For information related to available spaces, programming, or general inquiries, please contact the Centre’s Director, Leanne Derlago:

Contact Us

OBEY classroom phone:  204-792-6278

Director Leanne Derlago:  204-782-7775     Email: obeydirector@live.com

Webmaster:   obeyfundraising@gmail.com

Board of Directors Chairperson:  dancowan04@gmail.com

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